Learning Literacies for a Digital Age

Helen Beetham, of the Digital Literacies theme, recently presented her work on ‘Learning Literacies for a Digital Age’ at the SEDA Spring conference held at the University of Leeds.

“Despite their pervasive use of social technologies, few learners make effective use of digital technology to support their learning, or graduate with the skills necessary for lifelong learning in a digital age, without targeted support.

Our recent digital literacies audit of UK HEIs (JISC 2009) revealed that few institutions are addressing these issues in a joined-up way. We argue that institutions have a responsibility to develop digitally literate learners, and that this extends beyond what is usually understood by information literacy to a wider set of critical practices and attitudes. In our report we summarise evidence that learners can only develop these practices in relation to authentic tasks, whose meaning is negotiated in communities of learning both small (e.g. cohorts, groupwork situations) and large (e.g. disciplinary and professional communities).”

Click here to view Helen’s presentation as a PDF.

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