EPSRC ICT Theme Working Together

Working together

EPSRC sees working together across the ICT research landscape and with other disciplines as a priority for their ICT Theme. The potential for greater communication and collaboration between research areas in ICT and with other disciplines has been highlighted during engagement with researchers and users in this theme. Mapping of the portfolio highlights dependencies between areas, convergence occurring between areas, and challenges and opportunities which require researchers from across the landscape to contribute and collaborate.

For example, when developing computer architectures, in order to fully exploit new technology it is becoming increasingly important that researchers from traditionally hardware and software focussed areas work together.

Most of the priorities outlined by the ICT Theme will require significant input from a range of ICT research areas if progress is to be made.

More: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/ourportfolio/themes/ict/introduction/Pages/workingtogether.aspx

ICT also contributes to EPSRC’s Challenge Themes of Digital Economy, Energy, Healthcare and Manufacturing the Future and ICT researchers are urged to connect with researchers outside their own immediate area to address these. This is particularly important where there may be a need to consider ethical implications, societal factors and developments in other research areas.

In addition to direct collaborations, the dissemination and exchange of knowledge between upstream and downstream research is essential to ensure a healthy research base. This enhances the delivery of impact and contributes to the shaping of capabilities, through changes to the ICT research landscape and joint consideration of priorities.

New Connections between Mathematical Sciences and Information Communication Technologies

EPSRC wishes to highlight changes to the Mathematical Sciences’ Fellowship annex which also apply to researchers in ICT.

The interface between the mathematical sciences and ICT is extremely important and offers potential for high impact research. There are some well established connections between these disciplines but there are opportunities for new links to be developed. EPSRC wishes to strengthen this key interface and build new connections in areas in which they have not previously invested.

Previous EPSRC activities including LogFIT (Logic for IT) and MathFIT (Maths for ICT) have encouraged links between the two disciplines. UK logicians have particularly benefitted from these and strong interactions between UK logicians and theoretical computer scientists now exist as recognised by the 2010 International Review of Mathematical Sciences. The strength of the existing community means that EPSRC are not looking to support fellowships at this particular interface but UK logicians will still be considered for the Mathematical Sciences’ Intradisciplinary Fellowships.

For ICT researchers interested in working at this interface: For the ICT Theme, increasing the connections between Mathematical Sciences and ICT aligns to the Working Together cross-ICT priority. As such, applications predominantly containing novel ICT research are permissible at both the Early and Established career stage. Theoretical computer scientists are welcome to submit Fellowship applications in line with the Working Together priority but research at the logic/theoretical computer science interface will only be considered if additional research area interfaces are also explored.

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