UfI Charitable Trust call opens July 2nd

The UfI Charitable Trust plans to focus its first funding call on ‘vocational learning’ and ‘technology’, and is interested in funding projects which fall into the following three areas:

1.Increasing capability of those involved in running the vocational learning system: Analytic tools; Large-scale online course for learning professionals; Advocacy with senior leaders; Competencies, career paths and curricula; Short, online courses for learning professionals.

2.Exploiting networks to bring together learners, learning content and learning professionals: Open Source curriculum production; Peer assessment; Crowd-sourced diagnostic mathematics questions; Free resources in vocational learning.

3.Harnessing computers to support individualised and differentiated learning: Development of sims, games and virtual environments; Online intervention in numeracy/mathematics; Adaptive learning; Technology-supported, problem-based learning; Cloud-based education systems.

For further information please visit: http://www.ufi.co.uk/apply

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