Naace teams up with TEL for Royal Society event

TEL is pleased to welcome Naace – the ICT Association – as a partner for our 6th November public event at the Royal Society, disseminating the software, hardware and pedagogic innovations of the programme. TEL is committed to putting its research findings to work for practitioners and policy makers in the field, so Naace provides an ideal partner for the event.

TEL Director Professor Richard Noss said, ‘We’re delighted to have Naace on board as a contributor to this event and we hope that their members will find the TEL work of interest. TEL’s research project teams all included highly involved practitioners, so the outputs are very hands-on and practitioner-friendly’.

Naace Professional Officer Jan Webb said ‘The work of the TEL programme is exactly the type of practitioner-focussed research that we’d like to see more of, giving teachers a voice in the development of technology and space to experiment for themselves.

‘Those who are keen to use try out new ideas can also commit to Naace’s RiskIT campaign during the month of October and come prepared to participate in the TEL debate at the Royal Society.’

The TEL event is free to attend and will feature an open exhibition from 6-8pm following a programme of presentations, a panel debate and a TEL film premiere from 3-6pm.

More on the event:
More on Naace:
More on the RiskIT campaign:

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  • Thank you for spreading the word on RiskIT, please help to reach more schools this October as we are trying to reach a larger number than last year.
    also visit the website for more details on
    also keep an eye on the Naace website for more info.
    RiskIT Week was shortlisted for the Naace Impact Award at the BETT Show 2013.

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