Show&TEL Workshop

This event was held on the 12th and 13th November 2009 at the Calman Learning Centre, Durham University and was co-organised by Liz Burd and the SynergyNet project. The event featured demonstrations of all eight projects’ hardware and software as well as hands-on sessions and discussions on over-arching TLRP-TEL themes.

Introduction by Richard Noss


Click a thumbnail below to view a projects’ presentation. Use the links below the thumbnails to download presentation videos, as Realmedia or Windows Media video files. (Please contact with technical problems playing video.)

Echoes rm, wmv


HapTEL, rm, wmv

Inter-Life, rm, wmv

LDSE, rm, wmv

MiGen, rm, wmv

Personal Inquiry, rm, wmv

SynergyNet, rm, wmv

Aims of the workshop

The primary aim of the workshop was to demonstrate project hardware and software focussing on the systems and their design.

A secondary aim of the workshop was to use the project presentations and related software as ‘objects to think with’ on the existing and potential themes of the TEL programme, particularly from the point of view of the computing sciences.

We aimed to emerge from the workshop with a shortlist of research briefings, discussion groups, mini-research projects and commentaries to undertake which would span learning and computing sciences.

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