Seminars 2006-2007

Knowledge cumulation in TEL (London Knowledge Lab, 19th October 2006)

The seminar, led by Prof. Diana Laurillard, began by mapping the current dimensions and players in the field of technology enhanced learning, in the UK and in the wider EU, building on the findings being generated by the principal research funding bodies. Participants will be invited to assist in building the map.  It then looked at how the TEL-funded development proposals can be located within this developing research space, and will consider the following questions:

  • In which directions are they moving the field forward?
  • How do they relate to other funded research in the field?
  • How will they build on current issues and findings?

The seminar then considered the mechanisms and technologies available for supporting the cumulation of knowledge from researchers and from practitioners as action researchers in the field.

Interdisciplinarity in TEL (Open University, 16th November 2006)

This seminar, led by Prof. Josie Taylor, addressed the questions:

  • What is the difference between interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity?
  • Does it matter?
  • Can you engineer interdisciplinarity or can it only arise spontaneously?
  • What about funding for interdisciplinary work?

Methodology in TEL (University of Sussex, 8th December 2006)

This seminar focused on how the technology in technology-enhanced learning can also function as powerful research instrumentation. Computer-based research methods permit methodological innovation and allow the in-depth study of learning processes (as well as outcomes). The following topics were covered and illustrated with research examples

  • Research issues that can be addressed with process data
  • Data and method triangulation
  • Real-time video capture of computer screen activity
  • Logging keystrokes and mouse movements
  • Recording learners’ reflective comments
  • ‘Think aloud’ verbal report methods…pros/cons & alternatives
  • Visual attention tracking
  • Coding and analysis tools
  • Sources of further information and resources

Developing research capacity in TEL (Edinburgh, 16th January 2007)

TLRP is committed to building UK capacity for conducting high quality educational research but what about the particular challenges of building research capacity in the field of technology-enhanced learning? This seminar, led by Prof. Lydia Plowman, presented an analysis of responses to the first call for proposals for TEL funding as a means of identifying some of these challenges and potential solutions.

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