Technology Enhanced Research workshop


The Technology Enhanced Research (TER) workshop was held at the Radcliffe Centre, University of Warwick on 25-26th February 2010.

The event focused on the TLRP-TEL theme of Technology Enhanced Research (TER) and was led by Dr Richard Cox of the University of Edinburgh. Dr Cox chaired the event and also gave a presentation on the first day entitled ‘Technology-Enhanced TEL Research: incremental evolutions & paradigm-shifting revolutions‘.

The first day featured a workshop on CAQDAS software from Jonathan P. San Diego of the hapTEL project based at King’s College London. Jonathan also presented on his use of gaze tracking and other high tech data gathering techniques in research.

Later in the day, Dr Cox and PhD student Grecia Garcia-Garcia did hands-on demonstrations of the ‘Morae’ remote observation and data capture system and also of the WiiMote based touch surface/motion capture kit.

The day ended with a look at a 1960s vision of ’1999 AD’ to analyse where the predicted developments from 40 years ago tied in with real-life technology and where it diverged.

The second day was given over to a look at research ethics in relation to TER led by Professor John Gardner of the Queen’s University Belfast and President of the British Educational Research Association (BERA). Professor Gardner led the delegates through a number of scenarios and discussions designed to raise awareness of ethical issues created by using technology in research. Ethics is another TLRP-TEL thematic strand which is currently being led by Professors Vic Lally and Mike Sharples.


All TEL projects are highly innovative in the ways that they exploit technology for teaching and learning. The TER strand aims to encourage projects to ‘technology-enhance’ their research and evaluations too.

A recent survey of TER activities revealed two topic areas that are relevant across several projects. The first topic concerns assistance with selecting tools for the qualitative analysis of multi-source video data. A second set of topics relate to ethical considerations (e.g. denying interventions to control groups, use of wizard-of-Oz methodologies, participant consent…). Visiting speakers will address these areas and projects will be provided with the opportunity to share ideas and experiences. The aim is for colleagues to raise each others’ awareness of their TER activities and to contribute to a Research Briefing by sharing their TER experiences at the workshop and afterwards online via TEL blogs and commenting systems.


Jonathan P. San Diego presentation

John Gardner presentation

Extract from ’1999 AD’

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