Early Career Phd Capacity Building Event

Capacity Building and Social Networking event, 18th-19th June 2009

About the Event

The Old Mill and Swan, Minster Lovell

The Old Mill and Swan, Minster Lovell

This two-day seminar took place on 18-19th June in Minster Lovell, jointly hosted by the TEL Programme and the ESRC ‘Social and Professional Network for Early Career Researchers in Education’ (SPNECRE) project. The event was open to all TLRP-TEL early career researchers and doctoral students, although some senior colleagues attended too.

The first day (‘Participation Thursday’) was devoted to presentations and discussion addressing the relationship between participatory research and participatory design as practiced in a range of TEL projects, including presentations from representatives of the TEL SynergyNet, Echoes II, Personal Inquiry and Inter-life projects. The group were also inspired by keynote presentations from Dr. Jane Seale (who has recently launched the TEL Digital Inclusion Forum) who talked about the links between participatory approaches and inclusion, and Prof. Rose Luckin, who shared her experiences of working on projects involving teachers, learners and parents in the design and evaluation of learning technologies.

On the Friday (‘Capacity Friday’), the group was given a guided tour of the current TLRP-BERA Virtual Research Environment where capacity-building and support resources are being developed. The new version of the VRE currently in development was launched live to demonstrate where we are heading. Jonathan San Diego of the hapTEL project gave a presentation using his own personal career trajectory to illustrate just how complex a path many of us have taken into research, and exploring how reflecting on a career allows better understanding of research.

Resources from the Meeting

The TLRP-BERA VRE now contains all of the content from this meeting, allowing us to share it with anyone unable to attend. This content includes presentations, audio recordings, images and notes and will the site for future collaborations arising out of discussions during the meeting. A selection of the materials can be found further down this page – these give a ‘taster’ of the event, but for the full report please visit the VRE.


Click to view TLRP Director Richard Noss’s opening thoughts (Quicktime video)

Provisional programme and aims

Pre-workshop preparation:

Delegates were asked to look at some of the new resources available from CARET which were demonstrated further at the workshop. People who did not attend the event are of course welcome to use these resources also:

Selected Presentations

Click on the thumbnails below to view presentations as PDF files.

Patrick Carmichael’s agenda slides for the event. Mike Gaved’s slides about the issue of participatory research within the Personal Inquiry project. Jonathan San Diego from the HapTEL project reflects upon his researcher career trajectory.

For the Full Report:

To access the content go to TLRP-TEL/BERA VRE at: http://groups.tlrp.org then go to ‘A New Network: Supporting Early Career Researchers’. From here go to Project Wiki > Outcomes of the TEL PhD-ECR Event’. If you have any comments on the content, please get in touch with Helen Burchmore (helen@caret.cam.ac.uk) or Dr Patrick Carmichael (wpc22@cam.ac.uk)

Shown to the right: Images from the Flickr Gallery for the event.

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