The Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research

The Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research

Learning Sciences Research Institute, University of Nottingham, 14th November 2008.

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Richard Noss, Programme Director TEL, writes:

As you well know, the TEL programme is predicated on the idea of interdisciplinary research: the call for proposals cites interdisciplinarity as “central”, and explicitly argues that “True interdisciplinarity should go beyond mere collaboration.” In this workshop, I would like to achieve two aims. First, to ask a series of questions about why interdisciplinarity is central, what it means to ‘go beyond collaboration’, and what we might achieve by so doing. Second, I would like to get a sense of the actual challenges that arise from interdisciplinary research, drawing on the experience of the Phase 1 projects and giving a chance for the new projects to address the challenges productively from the beginning. As a subsidiary aim, we may end up at a point where we feel it is appropriate to write something (perhaps a ‘briefing’ document, or an evolving discussion on the website) on the question of interdisciplinarity, either in the short or longer term.

See Gráinne Conole’s blog for reactions to the workshop.

Grainne Conole is a Professor of e-learning at the Open University, she is currently part of the the TLRP TEL project Personal Inquiry. She has blogged about the latest TEL seminar and as provided a summary report by JISC – a TLRP-TEL partner – of Web 2.0 tools suggesting how Web 2.0 tools might be effectively used.

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