Digital Literacies

Digital literacies is one of the thematic strands associated with the TEL programme.

In 2008 – 2009 Dr. Julia Gillen and Prof. David Barton of the Literacy Research Centre, Lancaster University, worked with the programme and projects. A workshop on digital literacies was held at Lancaster on 12th – 13th March 2009. The culmination of the activities was the research briefing on Digital Literacies. This can be downloaded by clicking on the link. If you would like a hard copy please email James O’Toole at .

Digital Literacies at ALT-C

Digital Literacies was a hot topic at the recent ALT-C conference, held at the University of Nottingham from 7th-9th September 2010.

Helen Beetham and Fred Garnett led a pre-conference workshop on Digital Literacies on Monday 6th September. The workshop was designed for everyone with a research and/or development interest in digital literacies, and those whose roles are changing to accommodate a ‘digital literacies’ agenda. Activities included:

  • Exploring materials from the JISC LLiDA project, designed to support curriculum and institutional development around a digital literacies agenda
  • Sharing changing practices and roles as ‘digital literacy’ becomes a key area of policy and curriculum
  • Learning from the institutional case studies that have been collated by Rhona Sharpe and her team as part of the JISC Supporting Learners in a Digital Age (SLIDA ) project
  • Hearing about the TLRP/TEL projects that are researching areas associated with digital literacy

 Click here to visit the events’ site on Cloudworks.

On Tuesday, Helen and Fred were joined by Rhona Sharpe, Haydn Blackey and Frances Bell for a symposium entitled “Applying a Development Framework for Digital Literacies”. Click here to read more on the ALT-C Crowdvine.

Digital Literacies was also a theme on Wednesday. Josie Taylor, Director of the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University, gave an invited presentation entitled “Literacies, learning and people’s lives: where practice and real life collide…”. Click here to read more on the ALT-C Crowdvine.

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