Next Steps for TEL Researchers

29th November saw a group of TEL researchers from across the programme’s different projects, themes, disciplines and career stages gather at the London Knowledge Lab to share experiences and consider their future opportunities. Research capacity building is a key part of TEL’s remit and with numerous TEL projects concluding and funding in a state of flux the event was concieved to address these issues.

The event was led by Dr Jonathan P. San Diego of King’s College London and the hapTEL project who presented the results of a TEL Social Media survey carried out to assess methods for keeping good communication between the network of TEL researchers as projects conclude. Dr San Diego also presented a case study of his own career as an example of TEL career trajectories and introduced a survey of career trajectories of other TEL researchers.

Dr Marian Petre of the Open University ran sessions on leadership and networking for early career researchers.

Professor Margaret Cox of King’s College London offered a senior researcher’s career trajectory case study, drawing on her many years’ experience in the TEL field.

Professor Richard Noss, TEL Director and MiGen project co-PI address the group on current and future funding issues in TEL.

Professors Cox, Petre and Noss also took part in a panel session on bringing ‘new blood’ through to research leader status.

Download Resources (zip file 4.8mb)

  • Agenda
  • Prof Marian Petre presentation
  • Dr J.P. San Diego presentation
  • List of TEL Digital Social Media
  • TEL future funding notes

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